Geometry Dash

Get ready for Geometry Dash, a thrilling side-scrolling music platforming series crafted by the talented developer Robert Topala. In this heart-pounding adventure, you take command of an iconic character. Guiding it through a myriad of music-infused levels while skillfully dodging treacherous obstacles like menacing spikes and deadly saw blades.

Your journey hinges on your mastery of control. With each press and hold dictating the fate of your icon as it maneuvers through the rhythmic landscape. But beware, for a single misstep could spell doom, sending you tumbling back to the beginning of the level in a pulse-pounding restart.

Harness the power of your mouse and spacebar as you leap and bound your way to victory. Immersing yourself in the adrenaline-fueled experience that Geometry Dash offers. And if you find yourself captivated by this genre-defining gameplay, don't hesitate to explore the electrifying worlds of FNF Lobotomy Dash Funkin. Embark on this electrifying journey, and let the rhythm guide you to triumph. Have fun!


  • To help the character move, you need to use the mouse and spacebar to jump.
  • Featuring a dynamic 'practice mode,' Geometry Dash grants you the opportunity to hone your skills. Strategically setting checkpoints to dissect and conquer each level with precision. However, progression awaits only in normal mode, where your mettle is truly tested amidst the pulsating beats and unforgiving challenges.
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