Among Dash

In Among Dash, players take charge of an impostor character transported through a teleportation gate. The objective is to guide the impostor through challenging obstacles to reach the finish line. The character moves automatically from left to right.  Although the player doesn't control the character's movement, they must navigate levels by precisely timing jumps. Overcoming numerous challenges and avoiding deadly obstacles is crucial, as any contact will reset the journey. Precision in timing is essential, as mistimed jumps can lead to collisions with hazards.

Among Dash may introduce extra challenges or achievements, like collecting coins or completing levels within a set time. Successfully meeting these challenges can reward players with prizes, unlocking new characters or features.

With its unique blend of gameplay and design, Among Dash is a captivating experience. Can you safely guide the character to the finish line and attain the highest score? Challenge your friends to join in and see who can achieve the top score. If you enjoy this game, Square Dash and Go Up Dash are the subsequent games that will undoubtedly captivate you with their charm.


Click to make the character jump.

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