Geometrical Dash

Helping the main character is a cube in Geometrical Dash that moves forward, jumping to avoid obstacles. Your character is a square that will move quickly from one side of the level to the other. There is only one command, which is to jump. But you have to be careful of spikes and other hazards, as they will return you to the start of the level, and the same thing happens when colliding with the edge of the platform.

There are 6 levels ranging from easy to difficult. You will come across images of Geometric characters with different expressions. From happy to angry, those expressions correspond to the difficulty level you choose. Choose the level that best suits you.

At the store, you will find 16 cubes and 8 ships. They come in different colors and you only get them by completing the game's challenges. Once you have mastered overcoming the challenge, your current character will automatically switch to the new character. Additionally, trying out different levels also helps you find new characters.

The game's depth extends beyond its simple controls, with 16 unlockable cubes and 8 ships available in the store. Complete challenges to earn these unique characters, each with its own vibrant color scheme. Mastering challenges not only rewards you with new characters but also automatically switches your current character to the newly unlocked one.

So, are you ready to embark on this geometric adventure? Grab your square character, sharpen your timing, and leap into action in Trigonometry Dash! Press the spacebar or use the mouse to jump, and hold the jump key for continuous jumps. Let the challenge begin – have fun!


  • Success depends on precise timing – so pay attention! A diary will be kept of your efforts - try to succeed as little as possible! Press the spacebar or use the mouse to jump. Hold the jump key to jump continuously
  • Join the square character with many skillful jumps in Trigonometry Dash. With only one command – jump – the challenge intensifies as you race through six levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Dodge spikes, leap over hazards, and mind the edges of platforms, as any misstep will send you back to the start of the level. But fear not! With precise timing and quick reflexes, you can conquer each obstacle in your path.
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