Trigonometry Dash

Get ready for an electrifying adventure in Trigonometry Dash! Step into a neon world where triangles reign supreme and obstacles pulse to the beat of heart-pounding music. Inspired by the beloved Geometry Dash, this rhythm-based action platformer puts your trigonometric skills to the test.

Navigate your triangular protagonist through treacherous levels filled with spikes, saws, and other geometric hazards. But here's the twist – every jump, boost, and obstacle movement is governed by trigonometric functions. Adding a whole new dimension of challenge to the game.

Fly, tap, or click your way through vibrant, spiked landscapes, syncing your movements with the pulsating rhythm of the soundtrack. With each level more intense than the last, precision timing and quick reflexes are your keys to success.

Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping gameplay of Trigonometry Dash, where every move counts and every beat drives you forward. If you're up for the challenge, dive into the world of triangles and triumph. And if you can't get enough, don't forget to check out Geometry Dash World for even more thrilling adventures and mind-bending challenges. The neon-soaked journey awaits – are you ready to dash?


  • Controls are simple yet responsive:
  • W/SPACE/UP: Jump, boost, swap, and flap your way to victory!
  • A/LEFT and D/RIGHT: Maneuver your triangular hero through the obstacles.
  • S: Dive down with the wave when necessary.
  • R: Instantly return to the last checkpoint if things get too tricky.
  • ESC: Take a breather and pause the action.
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