FNF Lobotomy Dash Funkin

Introducing FNF Lobotomy Dash Funkin, the ultimate fusion of Geometry Dash's -pumping challenges and Friday Night Funkin's funky rhythm gameplay. Get ready to embark on a rhythmic journey like never before as you navigate through levels inspired by the intensity of Lobotomy challenges.

In FNF Lobotomy Dash Funkin, players groove to an infectious soundtrack while tackling obstacles perfectly synchronized to the beat. It's a test of precision and rhythm as you dodge, jump, and dash your way through each level. Can you keep up with the lightning-fast pace and emerge victorious in this dynamic collision of genres?

With its captivating soundtrack and exhilarating gameplay, this mod offers a fresh take on two beloved game worlds. The game delivers an experience that will have you tapping your feet and craving more. Dive into the harmonious blend of rhythm and precision – FNF Lobotomy Dash Funkin awaits!

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Use the arrow keys.

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